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National Curry Week for Health Heroes
  • National Curry Week for Health Heroes is an initiative of one of the UK’s leading food ordering platforms, ChefOnline, as a gesture of gratitude and appreciation towards the health heroes risking their lives every day in the battle against COVID-19.
  • Over 50 leading curry restaurants will prepare over 25,000 Indian delicacies and curries which restaurants will distribute to local hospitals across the UK between 4th – 10th May.
  • The initiative is supported by Asian Restaurant & Takeaway Awards (ARTA), whose network brings together the nation’s most reputed, award winning restaurants, chefs and takeaways from the UK curry industry.
One of the UK’s leading food ordering platform ChefOnline, has launched a ChefOnline National Curry Week for Health Heroes between May 4th – 10th to deliver over 25,000 meals to health workers across the UK, free of charge. With the support of over 50 leading curry restaurants and the Asian Restaurant & Takeaway Awards (ARTA), the Oscar’s of the UK’s curry industry, deliveries will be made by participating restaurants to local hospitals up and down the country to thank the frontline workers for their immense work in battling the COVID-19 pandemic, as they risk their lives to saves ours.

Currently contributing over £5 billion annually, which as of 2015 has accounted for a fifth of the restaurants in the UK dating back to the 1800’s, the UK curry industry has been a staple of British cuisine for centuries. ChefOnline National Curry Week for Health Heroes will bring together the appreciation of great food with the appreciation of the heroes who are currently fighting against the coronavirus outbreak in local hospitals.

The ChefOnline National Curry Week for Health Heroes is supported by ARTA, the UK’s top ceremony for British-Asian cuisine, recognising UK’s favourite restaurants, takeaways and chefs every year. ARTA has a nationwide network of industry leaders up and down the country, many of whom are national award winners. ARTA were brought on board to galvanise the leading restaurants across the country to join hands for the initiative and prepare delicious curry meals for distribution.
ChefOnline currently has over 500,000 active customers in the UK. Speaking on why they created the National Curry Week for Health Heroes, Mr Mohammed Munim who is the CEO of ChefOnline and ARTA said: We are so proud of the work of the health workers on the frontlines, risking their lives day in and day out to save others. We wanted to send a big thank you for their selfless action against this awful virus, and we figured that it would be fantastic to gift them with top quality, fresh curry cuisine from some of the leading UK restaurants.
We want the health workers in the UK to know that we are so proud of them. They are the real-life superheroes and national curry week is a full tribute to them, using the magic of South Asian cuisine to hopefully bring a smile to their faces”.
Speaking on the importance of the UK’s curry industry stepping up efforts to support frontline health workers, he added:At ARTA, we have a network of some of the best chefs, restaurants and takeaways in the country who take part in our annual ceremony to be crowned the nation’s  best.

“At times like this, we realise just how important community spirit is. The UK health workers are doing a fantastic job in keeping the British public safe – often with risk to their own safety and unimaginable pressure. We want to show our complete gratitude for their work, and we’re delighted we could support them in some way.”
For more information or if you would like to support ChefOnline’s efforts to provide free meals to health workers in the UK in association with ARTA, visit
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About ChefOnline:
ChefOnline is one of the UK’s leading online food ordering platforms for the UK’s South Asian and curry industry, with over 500,000 active customers. Unlike other online portals, ChefOnline does not charge any commissions per orders. ChefOnline also help to develop and integrate a registered restaurant’s own e-commerce website into the national platform, facilitating table bookings without any additional costs to the restaurant. During COVID-19, the ChefOnline platform has launched an online takeaway service free of charge to participating restaurants, resulting in a cost saving of £599 plus VAT, the usual set up fee.
Oscar of the Curry Industry
BBC Nicknamed ARTA as the "Oscar of the Curry Industry"
About Asian Restaurant & Takeaway Awards (ARTA):
Known as the ‘Oscars of the curry industry, ARTA is the UK’s pinnacle annual ceremony to recognise the very best of South Asian cuisine across restaurants, takeaways, chefs and personalities. The ceremony last year spotlighted the very best of over 2,400 applications across the UK, with this year’s event will taking place in November at the O2, London. Given its reach into the UK’s £5 billion Asian catering industry, ARTA is recognised for its advocacy work in reinvigorating the Asian curry industry. With the downturn experienced in the curry industry due to a shortage of skilled workers in the hospitality sector - from a lack of talented chefs all the way through to front of house staff – ARTA has embarked on various initiatives to change the general perceptions of the possibilities afforded by the youth embarking upon employment in the culinary sector. Through reaching out to current and prospective students at regional cook-offs to celebrate the art of cookery, ARTA has established a program of youth engagement to revitalise the food industry, targeting a demographic that it is crucial to the future prosperity of the sector.
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