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Catering Insight value the current takeaway market at £10 billion annually. Consumers are shifting from telephone based takeaway ordering to online platforms as it offers wide variety of choices, ratings and reviews, including payment by credit or debit card.

Most restaurants cannot afford to develop their own online e commerce sites and hence they currently have no choice but to sign up with 3rd party intermediary online ordering companies who charge the restaurant commissions of up to 15% of the value of every order taken. This is an expensive way forward for the restaurant but they have little choice given current ordering trends even though this still leaves the restaurant with no online presence or tools of their own.

Until now there has been no choice, but with ChefOnline, for a small monthly fee, the takeaway will be given their own website and online ordering system which will be automatically linked to ChefOnline ordering platform. This will operate as an intermediary and hence will promote the client services whilst linking with their systems seamlessly.

Gone are high commissions and all the restaurant we have signed up during our soft launch love the application and absolutely prefer a small monthly fee to a large ongoing commission.

Each new customer will get their own website tailored from a number of predesigned templates. The website will be populated with the appropriate information and a CMS system will enable the restaurant owner to easily update content as required. Linked to this will be online ordering and reservation software which can be operated by the restaurant. A range of marketing and analysis tools will also be available. A cloud based EPoS system will also be available as an optional extra.

We can do this because we have developed effective systems using our own money and have our own back office support teams.

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